Turbo Road Flare

State of the Art Electronic Road Flare


New Technology

Surface Mount LED’s


20 Top Mounted LED’s

8 Bottom Mounted LED’s

Low Battery LED

Five Colors






Four Modes +

Single LED Chase Mode

Quad LED Chase Mode

Flash Mode

Flashlight Mode

Plus Orange Translucent Base

Flare on Stand
Nighttime Flare on Stand
Rearview Nighttime Flare on Stand
Flare on Cone
Nighttime Flare on Cone
Rearview Nighttime Flare on Cone

Why choose Turbo Road Flares?

Road flares are a safety necessity, however traditional single use disposable flares have clear drawbacks. Turbo Road Flares are equally effective emergency indicators, or even superior with the availability of different colors and flashing patterns. They easily grab the attention of drivers, alerting them to danger ahead. Likewise, they have applications in many industries. From first responders to traffic control to construction, and mining. Anywhere a lighted path is needed Turbo Road Flares are applicable.

All in all Turbo Road Flares are a perfect replacement for disposable incendiary flares, and supply all of the same safety circumstances. Compared to incendiary flares you face no toxic fumes or dangerous environmental by products. With incendiary flares you light up the scene with one color. With Turbo Road Flares you have the choice of five different colors, or you can choose to have several different colors at the same scene. You may choose to set three of your flares to flash red, while setting three others to a chasing pattern with blue. It’s completely your choice; red, amber, blue, green, or white. in many industries. From first responders to traffic control to construction, and mining. Anywhere a lighted path is needed Turbo Road Flares are applicable.

Turbo Road Flares are used by first responders, police, fire fighters, and many others doing emergency work. Even truck drivers and individual motorists can benefit from using Turbo Road Flares in emergency situations.

More on the Dangers of Incendiary Flares

Alkaline or Lithium Batteries for Turbo Road Flares?

Rechargeable Batteries are growing in popularity, but are they worth the investment? On the surface they seem sensible, but the hidden drawbacks make them inferior to alkaline and lithium batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries

Self-discharge much faster than alkaline

Have a poor shelf life

Must be completely drained before being recharged

Often do not hold a charge effectively

Are not necessarily fully powered despite 16 hours of charging

Thus do not live up to the manufacturer’s claims

Turbo Road Flares

"It takes a smashing and keep on flashing!"

Turbo Road Flares are made out of a polycarbonate blend similar to Lexan, the material used to manufacture bullet proof glass. Polycarbonate is one of the best plastic materials that are available in the world today. It is durable, malleable, lightweight and is shatter proof. The bonds in the molecules are very strong. Polycarbonate gets its strength from being flexible, so that it gives a little when impacted.

The Turbo Road Flare was put through plenty of testing to prove its strength and durability. It was dropped off the bed of a truck, tossed while walking, kicked around, run over at slow and high speeds, and left with a truck parked on it. After each test it kept on flashing. Thus our motto “It takes a smashing and keeps on flashing!”

Below see some pictures of Turbo Road Flare vs a Ford Raptor truck.

Truck On Flare
Rolled Off, Still Flashing
On Four Flares

Truck Running Over Turbo Road Flares

Truck On Flashing Turbo Road Flare

Truck Driving On Turbo Road Flares

More About Us At TRF Industries

TRF Industries is the motivating force behind Turbo Road Flares. Founded by Gary & Pat Goodwin, and currently classified as a Woman Owned Business.

In 2013 the Goodwin’s sold an environmental laboratory, Pat-Chem Laboratories located in Southern California, and relocated to Las Vegas Nevada. Soon after he began volunteering for the local police department and found himself involved with a volunteer traffic team. While working late at night he found himself, and other team members, sometimes using more than 100 incendiary flares during an event. The flares burn at nearly 2000 degrees leaving hazardous waste behind and exhausting toxic fumes into the air. In Las Vegas most waste washes off the roadway and into Lake Mead. In other parts of the country they wash into lakes and the ocean. He thought there must be a better way.

Gary was given electronic road flares to use at night. What he realized is that they had LED’s used for the light output. The particular ones he was given used a single rotating pattern, with one color. They did give off light, but not enough to be comparable to incendiary flares. He then searched for other makes and models of electronic road flares.

All had the same problems. While they have limited application to private parties, they certainly were not made for industry or for first responders. They fell short for being suitable for traffic control situations. They were too small, not bright enough, and did not offer much versatility.

It was at that point that the idea of the Turbo Road Flare was born. He wanted to design a product that had several color options, several patterns, and most of all, big and bright enough to protect users by lighting up the roadway.

The base and lens were engineered in Las Vegas Nevada. The electronics in Turbo Road Flares were engineered in Southern California. The lens and base are made in Utah, and the final product assembled in Las Vegas Nevada. Turbo Road Flares are designed to deploy three ways. With a hook that attaches to the body that can be hung on a cone or barricade, and a stand that allows them to stand on their own and face traffic. The Turbo Road Flare can also be deployed flat on the ground.

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